Ceremony Values

The following are the core values of the CLM ministry team.


We value doing all things with excellence.  It is our goal to always give of ourselves with nothing less than 100%.


Couples today want to be involved as much as possible in planning their ceremonies. In light of that we value providing couples with the opportunity to be very involved in choosing the content and flow of the ceremony. We are fully aware that it is not our wedding day.


Returning phone calls and emails within 24 hrs is imperative. A greater sense of confidence will be created if promptness is upheld. We do everything we can to be at our wedding ceremonies 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.


We are not hard to get to know! We know couples are looking to find a connection with their Officiant, and we value openness in our relationships.


With so much skepticism regarding clergy, people need to know we are trustworthy, and that we will not be pushy or rude. We value demonstrating the highest amount of integrity.


We value telling the truth, and not embellishing our story! If we are wrong we will take full responsibility.

Effective Communication

One of the hall marks of CLM is our ability to impact peoples lives through the words we speak. The "Motivational Moment" time of the ceremony is the time in the ceremony where we have our greatest impact.  We value being sharp, focused, and inspired with the words we share.

Personal Presentation

How we present physically is just as important as our personality. We value always dressing appropriately for consultations as well as the ceremony.